One sentence summary of the significance of the Synod of Dordt

Below are the one sentence summary of the importance of the Synod of Dordt that Prof. Dykstra used in his speaker introduction.

Rev. Angus Stewart
That people read the Canons and believe it first hand.

Rev. Brian Huizinga
Adopting the Canons to give a loud and clear voice to this song of heaven in the troubled church of Christ on earth: “Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne and unto the Lamb,”
(Rev. 7:10).

Rev. Mark Shand
The upholding of the one true gospel of salvation over and against the error and deception of autosoterism.

Rev. William Langerak
When this ecumenical synod formulated and adopted the Canons, the Lord powerfully preserved and validated the reformed faith so that the truth of the Canons was actually on display in the work: Using men depraved by nature and sinful in themselves, Christ alone, by His Spirit alone, in grace alone, through faith alone, on the basis of Scripture alone, saved His people from a mighty enemy to the glory of God alone.

Prof. Douglas Kuiper
That it remains relevant for the church of all ages; some controversies that have arisen in the 1800s, 1900s, and at present can be profitably addressed by understanding the Synod’s doctrinal statement.

Prof. Barry Gritters
The Canons aim at the heart, via the head, with clear biblical teaching that even teenagers can (and must!) understand.

Prof. Ron Cammenga
At Dordt, truth was confessed and defended boldly. Knowing that the truths of sovereign grace were offensive to many, still Dordt maintained the truth. It is my prayer that the church today may exhibit the same boldness.