The Sessions of the Synod of Dordt, Week Twenty-Eight: Sessions 167-175

Session 167: Monday, May 20 PM
At the end of the previous week, Synod had read the Dutch translation of the first head of the Canons. Synod now read the Dutch translation of the second head of the Canons.

Session 168: Tuesday, May 21 PM
Synod read the Dutch translation of the third, fourth, and fifth heads.

The provincial Synod of Utrecht was scheduled to meet soon. That synod had many Remonstrant ministers who were now disqualified from serving, and it would have to face the question of what to do with the Remonstrant ministers. At the request of the provincial synod, the Synod of Dordt appointed six minister delegates to help the Synod of Utrecht.

Session 169: Wednesday, May 22 AM
Synod had already declared worthy of suspension the two Remonstrant ministers from Kampen that Synod had required to appear before it, but who had never appeared (articles 83, 85). In their absence, and on the basis of documents that had been submitted to Synod, the Synod declared the ministers worthy of deposition. It asked the magistrates of Kampen to implement this decision, and advised the churches there to find and install orthodox ministers as soon as possible.

Session 170: Wednesday, May 22 PM
Synod read the Dutch translation of the introduction and conclusion to the Canons. It appointed two men to make some revisions to the Dutch translation of the Canons.

Session 171: Thursday, May 23 AM
Synod read the revised editions of the Belgic Confession, which editions appeared in both the Dutch and French languages. Suggestions for improvement were given.

Session 172: Thursday, May 23 PM
Synod concluded the work it had begun the previous session. Synod considered a proposed change to Article 22 of the Belgic Confession, to replace the words “many holy works which He had done for us” with the word “obedience,” referring to the obedience of Christ.

Session 173: Friday, May 24 AM
Synod decided not to make the change that it had considered at the previous session. It did decide, however, to add one phrase to Article 22 of the Belgic Confession: “and in our place.” Some other changes, editorial in nature, were made by common consent. Synod approved this revised (edited, but not substantially changed) version of the Belgic Confession in both the Dutch and French languages, and declared this edition to be the standard.

Session 174: Friday, May 24 PM
Synod read the minutes of some previous sessions. Synod also recognized that more overtures were waiting to be treated, and that it did not have time to treat them. It decided to postpone their treatment to the next national synod. As such a synod was not held until 1816, by which time the churches had progressed in apostasy, it is unlikely these were actually treated.

Synod appointed a committee to treat an appeal from three ministers of Hoorn against the decision of the Synod of North Holland (session 49).

Session 175: Saturday, May 25 AM
Two of the ministers from Hoorn withdrew their appeal. The third maintained his appeal. The committee to treat the matter met in an adjoining room.

Synod adopted the Formula of Subscription for theological professors and for visitors of the sick. It also adopted the Form for Adult Baptism (see session 162).