Writing Contest

Sponsored by the Protestant Reformed Theological School in conjunction with the 2019 Conference commemorating the 400th anniversary of the Synod of Dordt.  (Download rules)

Topics and Prizes

Junior High (Grades 7-9 during the 2018-2019 school year)


In an essay of 4-5 pages, explain:

  • What the Canons of Dordt are
  • What doctrines they teach and what doctrines they oppose
  • Why they had to be written out
  • Why they are important for the church today

1st place – $300

2nd place – $200

3rd place – $100

Senior High (Grades 10-12 during the 2018-2019 school year)


Choose any one of the five main doctrines to which the five heads of the  Canons are devoted. In an essay of 6-7 pages, explain:

  • What that doctrine is and how the Canons prove it
  • What wrong doctrine the right doctrine opposes
  • Why today we must still promote the right doctrine and oppose the wrong

1st place – $400

2nd place – $300

3rd place – $200

Post High (those who graduated in the years 2011-2018)


Pick one of the following topics.

  • The Canons’ position on common grace.
  • The Canons’ teaching regarding the preaching of the gospel/well meant offer.
  • The Canons as a positive example of polemics, both as regards content and method.

In an essay of 8 – 10 pages, explain:

  • What the Canons teach/demonstrate about the point you chose
  • What the Canons oppose, or are not teaching
  • Why this is relevant to us today

1st place – $500

2nd place – $400

3rd place – $300

General Rules

  • All essays should be typewritten, double-spaced, using Times New Roman 12 font, with one inch margins, and adhere to the page limits. The essayist’s name should appear on the front page, and the essay’s title.
  • All essays should give evidence that the writer has done some research, and should include citation of sources.
  • Emailed essays are due January 15, 2019. They may be emailed in Word or PDF format to writingcontest@dordt400.org
  • Mailed essays must be postmarked by January 15, 2019. Submit three copies, printed on white paper, each copy separately stapled, to Protestant Reformed Seminary Writing Contest, 4949 Ivanrest Ave. S.W., Wyoming, MI 49418.