God’s Grace


The Synod of Dordt, held 400 years ago in the Netherlands was monumental in the history of Christianity.  The very truths that God had restored to His church only 100 years earlier in the Reformation—the doctrines of grace—were being threatened again, by another denial of grace. But this time by men from within the Reformed churches themselves. The separate existence of Reformed churches from the Roman Catholic Church was explained by Rome’s denial of grace. The new betrayal of grace came in a form different than Rome’s. It mutated (as the lie always does) to appear more acceptable to undiscerning Christians and their generations. But the mutated form of the lie was the same lie, the lie that man contributes to his salvation. Grace was “no more grace” (Romans 11:6).

The Synod and Canons of Dordt exposed that lie for what it was, and confessed biblical truth about grace—what today are sometimes called the “Five Points of Calvinism.” These Canons are the 400-year-old fruit of God’s work preserving His true church in the world.

The Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary—with the help of Trinity Protestant Reformed Church (Hudsonville, MI)—celebrates this work of God. First, by this website and blog posts. Then, the celebration culminates, God willing, April 25-27, 2019 with a major conference…