Live Stream

All sessions of the Dordt400 conference will be live streamed on the sermon audio website for Trinity Protestant Reformed Church. That website is


There will be several artifacts on display at the Dordt400 conference. The seminary will have two old Bibles on display. Chuck Terpstra has some information on one of the Bibles on his blog. We anticipate having an early Latin edition of the Canons on display. There will also be some pictures and a wood carving on display.

In addition, conference-goers will be able to buy replicas of the medallions that were given to the delegates.

The Dort-400 Anniversary Limited Edition Medallion Set

A portion of the certificate of authenticity is quoted below.

As the deliberations were drawing to a close, the momentous significance of this Synod was beginning to dawn upon observers as well as the appointees.

So in commemoration of the event, two medallions were minted for the occasion. A gold penning was presented to the international delegates and silver to the domestic participants. The 17th Century artist is unknown.

The obverse side of the medal pictures what has become the iconic depiction of the great Synod itself meeting in the Great Hall of the Kleveneiersdoelen building. Circling the scene are the words, “Religione Asserta”—Defending Religion.

The reverse represents secure-eternal Mount Zion, with threatening winds of false doctrine beating down upon the church from all sides. Undeterred, pilgrims are faithfully making their journey up to the heavenly Jerusalem under the shining light of the Name of the Lord, etched in Hebrew. The circumference is imprinted with, “Erunt ut
mons Sion CIC IC CXIX” [ORN 1000+500+119]—They shall be as Mount Zion 1619, echoing Psalm 125:1.

Certificate of Authenticity The Dort-400 Anniversary Limited Edition Medallion Set

Interviews on Iron Sharpens Iron Radio

Tomorrow, April 5 between 4 and 6 ET Rev. Stewart will be on Iron Sharpens Iron radio to talk with Chris Arnzen about the Canons as the original five points of Calvinism and about the doctrines of grace in Northern Ireland. Listen at

Yesterday, April 3, Prof. Kuiper and Prof. Engelsma were interviewed by Chris Arnzen. Prof. Kuiper discussed “The Doctrine of the Covenant in the Canons of Dordt,” and Prof. Engelsma spoke about “The Great War: What Led to the Synod of Dordt.” You can listen to that broadcast by clicking the link below.

Conference Schedule

Dordt 400 will be held April 25 – 27, 2019 and will feature 7 speeches.  In addition there will be a question and answer session, some short biographical speeches,  as well as opportunities to praise our Lord with music and song.


7:00 pm – 9:00 PM

FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2019

8:30 AM – 8:30 PM


8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Rev. Mark Shand

Mark Shand was ordained in 2001 as a minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia.  From 2001-2009, He served as the minister in the Winnaleah congregation of the EPC and from 2009 to the present he has been the minister of the Launceston congregation.  

Rev. Mark Shand will speak on The Call of the Gospel

Rev. Brian Huizinga

Rev. Brian Huizinga has been the pastor at Hope Protestant Reformed Church in Redlands California since 2011.  He is a graduate of the
Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary.  He and his wife Michelle have 5 children

Rev. Huizinga will be speaking on  The Polemics of the Canons

Rev. Bill Langerak

Rev. Bill Langerak has been the pastor at Southwest Reformed Church in
Wyoming Michigan since 2003.  He is a graduate of the 
Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary.  He and his wife Karen have 6 children and 6 grand children.

Rev. Langerak will speak on The Synod and the Church Order

Prof. Doug Kuiper

Prof. Kuiper graduated from Calvin College in 1991 and from the Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary in 1995. He pastored Protestant Reformed Churches in Byron Center, MI (1995-2001), Randolph, WI (2001-2012), and Edgerton, MN (2012-2017). Synod 2017 appointed him to replace Prof. Dykstra as professor of church history and New Testament.  Currently Prof. Kuiper is working on getting his ThM degree from Calvin Seminary, with a concentration in church history

Prof. Kuiper  will speak on the Canons and the Covenant

Prof. Barry Gritters

Prof. Barry Gritters graduated from the 
Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary and earned his Th.M degree from Calvin Theological Seminary.   He served two congregations in the PRCA before accepting the appointment to serve as the professor of  Practical Theology and New Testament Studies in the  Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary.  He and his wife Lori have 
6 children and 19 grandchildren.

Prof. Gritters will be speaking on the Canons and Assurance.